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Install custom ROM on HTC Desire

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Install custom ROM on HTC Desire

On August 14, 2014, Posted by , In Android, With No Comments

As a former owner of the HTC Desire I thought I would look at installing a new ROM on the phone. I have been using the Froyo update (2.2.) and its been great but the advantage of a custom ROM were things like improved battery life as well as a few tweaks here and there which would generally improve the mobile experience.

I am a big fan of the sense functionality on my HTC phone so I downloaded the Leedroid Custom ROM (http://leedroid.protogenlabs.com/).

I will just run through the steps I took to install the custom ROM which has worked for me.

Install a good backup program to backup settings and apps for your phone. I would personally recommend Titanium Backup. Run this program and check the backup also by doing a few test restores. Copy all backup info and settings to your PC or laptop.
Hopefully the Titanium backup will have copied all its settings to the SD card on the phone. Do a complete backup of the SD card also. Copy and paste job will do here.
Install ROM manager from the market
Partition SD card using ROM manager
If you want to use the Apps2SD feature (where you can install apps on the SD card but the phone thinks they are installed on the phone memory) then you need to partition the SD card using ROM manager. I would recommend creating a 512mb ext3 partition and a 128mb cache partition.
Theres an option to backup current ROM, I would do this.
Reboot into recovery mode and once in recovery, wipe the SD card
Boot the phone back into normal mode and copy the custom ROM onto the SD card as a zip file. You don’t need to extract.
Boot the phone back into recovery by first turning the phone off, then holding the down button and powering back on.
Go to recovery
Perform a backup by going to advanced section
Once backup is performed successfully, wipe delvik cache, battery state, wipe cache and finally do a data/factory reset.
I would reboot the phone back into recovery mode
Install zip from SD card. There will be an option for this. Choose your custom ROM zip file. Once actioned the ROM will begin to install and reboot itself a few times.
Once the phone has loaded the custom ROM successfully, use the backup program to restore your apps and settings. DONT restore anything that is green (if using titanium backup) as these are system files.

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