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Create an image of Mac OSX

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Create an image of Mac OSX

On August 14, 2014, Posted by , In Mac OS, With No Comments

One of the good things I like about a Mac is how easy it is to create an image of a MAC for backup/archive purposes.

I recently needed to do this on a friends Mac Book Pro where he wanted to attempt to triple boot his Mac by installing Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux alongside his Snow Leopard installation.

As I was aware of the compatibility booting issues with regards to EFI. The first thing I attempted to do was to create the all important backup.

I popped in the original Snow leopard disk, held down the control button and chose the option to load the DVD. Once this loads up, I opened disk utility which can be found at the top taskbar.

I popped in a external disk which was formatted in HFS (Mac Journaled).

Once this was detected, click on new image button at the top, you are then presented with the screen as shown below:

Give the image you want to create a name and save the dmg file to your external hard drive. My advice would be to keep the default settings such as compressed for image format. You could use read/write but ensure you external disk is larger in size than you current hard drive otherwise this option is unlikely to work.


Once you click create it will then create a dmg image of your hard drive and will save this to your external disk as a backup.

Restore your image

If you ever need to restore the image that was created, you simply need to boot up back into disk utility using the MAC OSX installation disk and highlight the internal disk and hit the restore tab.

In the source area, ensure this is your external disk and it points to the correct DMG file and in the destination ensure this is pointing to your internal disk where you want to extract the DMG file to.

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