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Removing old Backups from VMware VDR Appliance

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Removing old Backups from VMware VDR Appliance

On August 14, 2014, Posted by , In VMware, With No Comments

I recently setup VMware Data Recovery as a test to see how it all worked and whether it was a better alternative solution than what we were currently using.

I found in some areas it was good but in the end decided to remove it as I was short on disk space on the destination I was backing up the VM’s.

Before attempting to remove the appliance I needed to delete the backups of VM’s I had created as part of the test. I ran into an issue where I couldn’t delete them though.

So I contacted VMware Technical support and they ran through with me what I needed to do. It seemed like the catalog file which VDR use’s had somehow got corrupt so I needed to rebuild the catalog and then delete the backups.

I did the following:

Power down the VDR appliance VM.
Ensured that no hot added vdisks from other VM’s attached themselves to the VDR appliance. Ensure you check this as Production VM’s will attach themselves to VDR if you have asked them to be backed up. You can check this by editing the VDR appliance and looking at how many disks have been added.
If there are snapshots of any VM’s these need to be removed as well. To do this successfully on the VM which has a snapshot, first create a new snapshot in snapshot manager and then delete all. This should being the VM back to running off the flat files
Power back on the VDR appliance VM.
Log into VDR appliance over SSH (default account/password is root/vmw@re).
Stop VDR service by typing service datarecovery stop
Remove the failing catalog files by going to datastore where datarecovery files exist. Delete the /VMwareDataRecovery/BackupStore.cat and /VMwareDataRecovery/BackupStore.cat.bak files using rm VMwareDataRecovery/BackupStore.cat*
(This will cause the engine to rebuild the catalog once the VDR appliance is backup & running).

Run the following commands from the console of the VDR appliance to remove configuration:

rm /var/vmware/datarecovery/Config10.*

In the VMware Data Recovery appliance, create a file called datarecovery.ini under /var/vmware/datarecovery/

Add the following lines:


This is to increase VDR logging

e) Start VDR service:

service datarecovery start

The above procedure will delete the configuration files and catalog. When trying to reconnect to the VDR appliance via the plug-in you will be asked to set up the new VC credentials and import the configuration from the dedupe store.

Once the de-dupe stores are re-added, and integrity check should start which will re-build the BackupStore.cat (catalog) files & re-populate VDR with all restore points & backup jobs.

Once the integrity check is complete, please check 24 hours later if the restore points have been successfully removed.

That should hopefully do the trick.

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